Twitter signWhile in the past optimizing social media profiles was optional, in today’s internet marketing environment it’s an absolute must.

  • Google launched the Google Social Search.
  • Search engines index Twitter streams in real time.
  • For ranking purposes, search engines also use social media websites.

Below we’ve come up with several simple, but effective methods you can use in order to make your Twitter account a search engine optimization magnet. Let’s get right at it.

1. SEO Your Twitter Username

You should think of your Twitter username as your domain address and the fact that every rule of choosing a domain name apply to it as well. Be sure the name username is memorable, short and that it doesn’t contain underscores between words. The username limit on Twitter is fifteen characters, yet despite that, make sure you don’t go over ten characters.

It’s actually a good idea to use keywords combined with abbreviations for your brand name. For instance, let’s say you have a company called Raelag Professional Services and you offer legal help. Then, @RPSLegal would be a great username to go with.

2. Link to Your Real URL

A URL shortner is something you should never use on your Twitter profile URL, since it may create a lot of confusion. It’s better that you use your real blog/website URL in order to instill trust in your brand and give visitors a reason to also visit your official website.

3. SEO Your Twitter Bio

You may not be aware of this, but Google actually uses your Twitter biography content as the meta description for your Twitter profile in the SERPs. Because of that, it’s highly recommended that you take full advantage of the one hundred and sixty characters limit and write a well optimized Twitter biography. Make sure to go for a balance between quality content and keywords.

Your Twitter biography should be compelling, eye-catching, informative and contain Keywords that represent your field of expertise or industry.

4. SEO Your Tweets

To improve your visibility on search results, your tweets need to include hashtags and KW phrases. Your important tweets should also be added in your favorite category. Many studies confirmed that adding Keywords in your tweets has a positive impact on SEO.

Better yet, if you get many re-tweets, then this will improve your Social Authority and boost your ranking. That’s why organizing your Twitter content and tweeting popular tweets is a smart thing to do.

5. SEO Your Twitter Lists

While it’s true that Twitter lists are rather new, it seems that the search engines simply love them. Because of that, it’s recommended that you use them for SEO purposes.

To start, make your list public and add some descriptive KW phrases in your list name (i.e. CWC Legal is a better list name than Legal).

Each twitter list has a unique URL which can be used in your FB posts or on your blog. If you want, then you can also tweet about your lists to improve their popularity on Twitter. However, just make sure you don’t create very long lists.

6. SEO Your Twitter Videos

Thanks to Twitter 2.0, you can easily share and embed videos and then access them from your Twitter stream. This way, you can take advantage of both real time video and search marketing. When it comes to Twitter videos, bear in mind that the popula r YouTube Search Engine Optimization tips are going to work perfectly with Twitter videos. Just make sure the Twitter videos are very appealing and short.

Last but not least, you need to link your Twitter profile anywhere you can, including your Newsletter, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, blog and so on.

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