Online eCommerce Development

It is always our great pleasure at COVI Design to design and build online stores — ecommerce sites.

We specialize in platform-based ecommerce websites that run on X-Cart, WordPress+Woo-Commerce or Magneto, and our technological expertise is like no other. We listen to you and work with you to ensure that all your specifications are taken care of so that the ecommerce solution that comes out at the end is tailored and customized to satisfy all your business needs.

Once your new ecommerce website is up and running, we can still continue collaborating with you to help you attract more traffic to the site, optimize its conversion rate and maximize your sales.


Building an Effective and Successful Ecommerce Site

  1. Have Clear Goals Set for Each Webpage

Before deciding to incorporate any webpage on your site, make sure that you have a clearly defined purpose for each. For instance, the homepage should be able to entice your visitors to click through to other categories and sections of your site, or better still, click straight through to the product page. The product page should then be able to answer any lingering queries so as to convince them to purchase the product. The shopping-cart page should make the checkout process very simple, with a follow-up email to notify your shoppers that their purchase transaction succeeded.

  1. Contact Information is Very Crucial

Put yourself directly in touch with your clients by simplifying the process of contacting you and making it as enticing as possible. Do not make them scrape through your website for your contact information, make it as visible as possible. Otherwise, you could lose vital sales. Besides location and contacts, you could also have a FAQs section, product reviews or comments for your visitors to read. Another crucial addition could be user-generated content (for example customer testimonials) that highlights how satisfied customers are using your site’s products and services.

  1. Build and Strengthen Your Brand Loyalty

Whenever you can, take advantage of any opportunity that will help you bring your site visitors back another time. The vast majority of online shoppers will not decide to make a purchase before they have visited various websites when looking for a specific item. This ideally means that the more somebody visits your site, the higher the likelihood of buying your product. Sending timely emails to announce the availability of a new product or to notify your customers of seasonal sales is a method that has been proved to be effective in encouraging users to go back to an ecommerce website. When a popular product goes out of stock, you could also consider asking your clients for their emails so that you can notify them when it is available. This not only serves your customers’ needs at that particular time and also shows them that you care for them beyond just selling to them your items, but also serves you the advantage of being left with their contacts in case of product email campaigns in posterity.

  1. A Hassle-Free and Tireless Checkout Process

Your checkout process should be very easy to follow through for your site users to buy your products. A cluttered and complicated checkout page can chase away even those visitors who had considered making a purchase of your products. Make sure that all information about any extra costs, for instance flat, expensive shipping rates is easily reachable. In addition to frustrating your customers and preventing a potential sale, hiding such information unnecessarily could lose you a client. Finally, be sure to proudly place trust symbols such as VeriSign or McAfee badges at a location where they can easily be visible to your visitors. This works to reassure them that the checkout process on your site is verified for both safety and security for online shopping.

  1. 100% Reliability

Ensure that your site is up all the time by subscribing to a reliable and dependable hosting plan that is also scalable enough to handle any future upgrades your site may need. Have a hosting plan that is capable of grow with your business. If you notice any signs of the plan being the bottle-neck to your growth, for example by delaying your product shipping or hindering potential sales, be sure to upgrade immediately. Do not let your hosting plan that cannot handle all your orders whenever required to do so injure your reputation. It could lose you crucial sales.


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