Internet marketing has made it easier for all of us to find a service or maybe a product we want online in just a few minutes. In fact, there are numerous business owners that work hard in order to create an online presence for their business so that they can reach more customers and therefore increase their sales. Based on information from Google, it seems that 1 out of 5 searches has to do with a location and Google Places (GP) and is a great way to search for businesses online. If you have a small business and want to grow your customer base, then you may want to consider using GP in order to achieve that.

Setting Up Google Places for Business

Google Places – Business Listings

Learning More About Google Places

What is Google Places? Well, it’s basically a service that makes it easy for you to list your business on Google Maps so that people who are looking for you can easily find you. If you have an online presence on Google Places, you can edit all the information that is associated to your business. Then when someone looks for you online, they’re going to find you listed under Google Places and also under the organic internet listings. Since Google generally mixes in Google Maps and GP along with results for searches made in a specific location, you can easily improve brand awareness by listing your business in Google Places.

If you’d like to list your business in GP, you just need to take 3 steps. First of all, you have to create an account and then submit information about your business; work hours, phone number, address, your logo, photos, website, payment method, videos etc. Google with then mail you a personal identification number so that you can claim the listing. Finally, when your business is accepted by Google, it will go live.

The best part? Using Google Places is free of charge, so you don’t need to worry about paying any money in order to use their service.

Google Places is the old Yellow Pages but better

The Yellow Pages has almost become obsolete for some people and that is due to the fact that these days people use the internet in order to
search for just about anything. But that doesn’t mean that having your business listed in the Yellow Pages isn’t a good idea. However, on top of being listed there, you should also consider listing your business on Google Places. This is especially if you’re catering to a local audience. What makes using Google Places a great idea is that people who search for businesses, such as your own, will have all of your business available to them instantly.

Better Ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

What you need to know about GP is that it actually focuses on local searches. As a result, the competition from other businesses that use the service is going to be limited to the area the business services and not the entire state, city or region.

Let’s take an example and consider that someone is looking for a pizza restaurant in Port Jefferson, NY. When they use the keyword Pizza Restaurant Port Jefferson, they’re going to get results within the region and not the entire state of NY. Therefore, the chances they’re going to find your pizza restaurant are much higher.

People Can Find You Easier On Google Maps

Did you know that once you have a Google Place presence, you’re also going to be listed on Google Maps? That’s right. This means that potential
clients will have your exact location and can therefore find you a lot easier. 

Local Marketing For Less

Probably the biggest advantage of businesses using GP is the fact that you don’t need to pay a dime for it. When you think about it,
advertising does cost a lot of money and if you’re a small business that’s just starting out, then you cannot afford spending crazy money on it. Luckily, you can now use a very effective and free service that advertises your business for free, so be sure to give GP a try and you’ll definitely love the way it’s going to impact your bottom line.

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